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Dear Parents: Always State the Obvious

Dear Parents, Too often I have sat in family meetings about a child’s behaviours or mental health issues and have heard parents say “Well, Billy knows not to do that” or “Susie knows that her father and I don’t allow…

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Dear Parents: Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Colour

Dear Parents, I love doing art projects with kids. There are so many great learning skills that come with creating art, not to mention the bonus aspects of art being a creative and emotional outlet. But, I’ve started to notice…

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Dear Parents: Behaviour Basics

Dear Parents, I spent years working in the school system with kids who showed behaviours that staff and parents didn’t necessarily want to see–fighting, withdrawing, meltdowns, etc… Despite a fancy title, my job was actually quite simple. Find out the function…

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Dear Parents: I Love Breakfast Programs & You Should Too.

Dear Parents, It has come to my attention as of late that some people don’t like the idea of school’s offering a free breakfast program. The argument I heard? Kid’s who have a family that isn’t financially ‘needy’ will take…

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Dear Parents: Did You Know There Are Guidelines?

Dear Parents, I’m sure you’ve already read this in the morning newspaper, but let me catch you up. A series of trusted and reliable organizations, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research (HALO)…

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Dear Parents: Use Your Words

Dear Parents, You’ve all had one of those moments where your little one utters something well-beyond their years and you wonder “Where did that come from?”. Or, they mumble something eerily familiar and you know exactly where they heard it…

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