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Dear Parents: Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Colour

Dear Parents, I love doing art projects with kids. There are so many great learning skills that come with creating art, not to mention the bonus aspects of art being a creative and emotional outlet. But, I’ve started to notice…

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Dear Parents: ‘Tis The Season

Dear Parents, Everyone knows that families are responsible for helping to teach their children all of the traditional things that kids need to know–reading, writing, addition, etc… What is not always as obvious, is that parents are responsible for teaching…

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Dear Parents: Use Your Words

Dear Parents, You’ve all had one of those moments where your little one utters something well-beyond their years and you wonder “Where did that come from?”. Or, they mumble something eerily familiar and you know exactly where they heard it…

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Dear Parents

Dear Parents, I saw you every morning at drop-off and every evening at pick-up when I worked in daycares and preschools. I met with you about leaving your child with me for an entire week in an intense early intervention…

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