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Dear Parents: Always State the Obvious

Dear Parents, Too often I have sat in family meetings about a child’s behaviours or mental health issues and have heard parents say “Well, Billy knows not to do that” or “Susie knows that her father and I don’t allow…

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Dear Parents: Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Colour

Dear Parents, I love doing art projects with kids. There are so many great learning skills that come with creating art, not to mention the bonus aspects of art being a creative and emotional outlet. But, I’ve started to notice…

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Dear Parents: Apps for Children with ASD

Dear Parents, One of the most common questions I was asked while working in the school program for kids with developmental complexities was “What’s a good app for them?” or “What apps do you use at school?”. So, I thought…

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Dear Parents: ‘Tis The Season

Dear Parents, Everyone knows that families are responsible for helping to teach their children all of the traditional things that kids need to know–reading, writing, addition, etc… What is not always as obvious, is that parents are responsible for teaching…

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