Autism Spectrum Disorder


Resources, app recommendations, and more!

Information and videos about everything from toilet training to puberty can be found on the Raising Children website.

Information about early signs, diagnosis, and co-morbid conditions can be found at


Managing Anxiety in People with Autism: A Treatment Guide for Parents, Teachers and Mental Health Professionals. Written by Chalfant, A.M.  (2011).


ASD Canadian-American research consortium has recent scientific publications on ASD. 

Autism Canada also provides a list of recent research studies organized by topic here.

Service Directory

A list of services in Canada that are tailored to working with persons with an ASD diagnosis.

Autism Junction


A list of apps that I enjoy working with can be found in this Dear Parents post.

A list of apps that specify if there is scientific evidence to support use can be found on the Autism Speaks website here.

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