Dear Parents: ‘Tis The Season

Dear Parents,

Everyone knows that families are responsible for helping to teach their children all of the traditional things that kids need to know–reading, writing, addition, etc… What is not always as obvious, is that parents are responsible for teaching social skills and positive attributes to their little ones as well.

Most of this–problem solving, respect, sharing, kindness–the kids will pick up on their own through experiences and watching the world around them. But it doesn’t hurt if you take the time to teach the lessons too. In fact, not only does it not hurt, it can only do good!

Around this season, people often look to give back and help others. Finding charitable activities that you can do as a family offers the perfect opportunity to discuss kindness and community with your kids, and offers the chance for you to be a positive role model to your child!

Below is a list of cost-friendly things that you could do together as a family this month that will teach your children positive lessons and encourage quality family time.

  • Create Christmas cards together and bring them to a seniors residence
  • Let your child pick out a toy to donate to a toy drive
  • Gather your gently used winter clothing and deliver it to a local charity that assists with homelessness
  • Talk to your child’s school about any initiatives they have to support someone within your own school community
  • Shovel out a neighbours walkway or driveway
  • Head to the dollar store and make a few toiletry bags for a women’s shelter
  • Create some no-sew blankets for the local animal shelter
  • Have a small bake sale between your family and friends and let your children pick where to donate the profits
  • Find a local organization that takes family volunteers and donate your time
  • Bake something delicious and bring it to a nearby fire station
  • Make a Christmas card and leave it in the mailbox for the delivery person
  • Create a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
  • Let your child pick out a few items at the grocery store to donate to the food bank
  • Let your child pick a charity and research how you could help!

‘Tis the season of giving!



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