Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

I saw you every morning at drop-off and every evening at pick-up when I worked in daycares and preschools. I met with you about leaving your child with me for an entire week in an intense early intervention program. Your child told me all about you when I chatted with them in school. I see you through the eyes of a behaviourist at the mall and in the grocery store, when your child is screaming from the front of the cart. I’ve sat through meeting after meeting with you as we advocated together for your child.

At times you’ve left me shaking my head. More often, though you leave me inspired and hopeful.

There are a lot of things I’ve always wanted to tell you. Some things I haven’t mentioned because it might be considered unprofessional. Some things I haven’t told you because I couldn’t find the right opportunity. Now is my chance.

Every week I will be sharing something with you that I’ve always wanted to let you know–a truthful and straightforward account of what a professional in the field of children and families has to say to the many parents and families out there.




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